Our tax experts provide our Clients with comprehensive fiscal advice and management services which ensure that, whilst complying with the current tax laws, the best possible tax conditions are obtained.

We are members of the Fiscal Economists Advisors Register (REAF) and of EURTAX (European Union).

We also have the status of Social Collaborator for the Inland Revenue, and are therefore allowed to present all kinds of tax returns using our digital signature.


This area offers the following services:

  1. Fiscal planning.
  2. Comprehensive Management of Corporate Tax.
  3. Drafting of Transfer Pricing Operations Protocol (Master & Local Files).
  4. Comprehensive Management of Income Tax.
  5. Comprehensive Management of Value Added Tax.
  6. Comprehensive Management of Transmissions Tax and other Documented Legal Deeds Tax (Stamp Duty).
  7. Management of all other Spanish taxes (Tax on Economic Activities, Inheritance and Donations Tax, etc.).
  8. Fiscal updating and regularisation.
  9. Limited reviewing and checking by fiscal authorities.
  10. Assistance with Tax Inspections.