Social & Labour Consulting

This area is responsible for technical assistance for the carrying out of our clients’ social and labour activities.

We are recognised Social Security Collaborators and form part of their "Red" System, which adds efficiency and speed to our services.


Services provided:

  1. Hiring of staff.
  2. Registration of companies with Social Security Department.
  3. Opening of work centres in Social Security Dept.
  4. Drafting of contracts for employees.
  5. Registration, cancellation and modification of workers situation with Social Security Dept.
  6. Withholding tax calculations on Income Tax due.
  7. Payrolls and salary slips.
  8. Social Security payments.
  9. Calculation of compensations for workers dismissals.
  10. Dismissals.
  11. Conciliations.
  12. Assistance with work inspections.